SP2 but winows wont see DVD-rs

Hi all (1st post)

Basically i just built my new PC with a NEC ND4570. I have tried nero drive info and it says that DVD-R is supported for reading discs. With some searching it appears that windows XP can sometimes not recognise them due to some error. However, i have fully updated my version so i`m not sure what to do to fix this.

Nero is able to see the discs and tell me the name and program used to burn them. Windows just shows it as a blank CD-rom. I know the discs are good as they work in my old PC without issue.

Any help is appreciated.

I tried installing ASPI, but all versions dont install correctly including using for ASPI.


if you can’t read some DVDs, then there might be indeed an issue with the discs. The NEC isn’t one of the best readers.
It would have been great if you posted the error message as this is important for troubleshooting. To check, if there is a problem with the readability of these discs, start Nero CD/DVD Speed and run the Transfer Rate test with one of those discs that don’t work. Create a screenshot using the floppy icon and post it here.

Additional questions:
Are you able to copy the files on that disc to your harddisk using explorer?
If these are Video DVDs, then try Media Player Classic or VLC. Both are great pieces of free software :iagree:


Explorer sees the DVD-R’s as CD’s and they appear blank in explorer. If i try to play a recording on DVD-R format (finalised or not) Media player just doesnt detect that media has been inserted (recognises DVD-RW fine though and bought DVDs fine though).

Just tried nero DVDspeed - it runs perfectly on DVD-RWs, but wont even let me run the test on the DVD-Rs. Im going to try an old pioneer DVD drive in this PC and if that works perfectly, i think i will RMA the drive. Being able to read a DVD-R is pretty much expected!

Thanks for your help and suggestions though