SP2 before, or after 1620 install?

I’ve been reluctant to install Win XP SP2, but realize I have to do it sooner or later. Would it be best to do this prior to installing a new 1620 due to arrive any day now, or would I be best installing the 1620, making sure everything works fine, then proceeding with SP2 update?

I would not anticipate that the two items would make any difference to each other. In other words, my best (educated) guess is that it would not matter.

I have not seen any SP2 related problems with this drive.

there are no issues Sp related with this drive. But I’ll give u a hint u can incule sp2 in the WinXp install kit thus when u are makin a fresh install u won’t have to install sp2 after here is the link http://www4.tomshardware.com/howto/20040908/index.html

I would say it’s best to slipstream SP2 into your regular Windows XP CD and then doing a fresh install (reformat drive) from that. I don’t think it matters if the drives in there or not, but if I had to choose I’d wait for the drive to get to you, install it, see if it works, then fresh install.

Thanks for the input - sounds like it is not a big a deal as I might have thought. Also thanks for the tips on slipstreaming.

However, why would I want to reformat my hard drive? The process of backing up everything I have, then restoring it, would take forever. Or is this old school thinking, and there are better methods these days?

I slipstream loaded sp2 after I had 1600 in pc now flashed to 1620 B7M9 and sp2 and the BenQ are working just fine.

I installed the 1620 in a system running sp2. No problems!

It’s old school thinking. I would do a fresh install of XPwSP2 reformat or not.

Kinda on subject…going to a friends tomorrow and build his pc for him and it will be my 1st experience of XP Pro SP2 with NEC-3500 involved same m/b as pcdoc’s. hope it goes smooth but there’s always something. Murfey’s law !

You saying I can reinstall the OS without formatting my HD and losing any of my personal data?