SP-50 won't read CDs



Can anyone help me? I bought a Rio Volt SP-50 I've burned 5 CDs so far from my PC using Adaptec EasyCD Creator, containing only mp3 files, and none of them will play on the unit. I used the "Track-at-Once" and "Close CD" settings when burning. The CDs do play on my PC. The unit does play audio CDs. To the extent I knew how to address the suggestions on their website,
I did so. For example, I tried recording at 2X speed. I cleaned the lens with cotton. I closed the volume. I verified all files had the mp3 tag. I didn't know how to address some, however. For example, I don't know how to tell if I have any "VBR" files. I also am hesitant to buy a different brand of CD when I've already wasted 5 with no solution in sight.

Please let me know if anyone can suggest what I should do. This purchase has been a very frustrating process for me so far.

Thanks - charlie_cosmic



maybe you damaged the cd lens? which might result in bad reading ??


I don’t think the lens is damaged since it plays regular CDs fine.