SOWH-832s recording quality getting worse and worse

I use SOWH-832s on VSOE bios, recording the same type of media (VDSPMSAB/001/01), I have worse and worse average PI in KProbe 2.4.2 (several records). I started from 15 and now I have 300! Please let me know what is the problem? Is the media itself different despite of the same media code. I have no problems with other media.

The VSOE bios is updated by latest OmniPatcher

You decribe the behaviour of bad media.

VDSPMSAB is very low quality media.

If the media is from a cakebox, you will get some better,but more likely worse media. You play a sort of Russian Roulette with every single media you pick in the cakebox.

I agree that it is a cheap media, but gives good price/quality ratio when average PI is 15. Your results are made on DVD-R, which is definitely bad media. My tests were on DVD+R.

P.S. I found that good media (average PI=15) are with DVD+R written in inversion colour in a box (inner part of a disc, side where recorder writes), bad media are with “dvd+r” letters without box.