South Korea vs. Canada



A recent estimate indicates the total value of South Korean real estate is at least 10 times as expensive as that of Canada. Since Canada is 200 times as large as South Korea, I guess it’ll be pretty easy for nearly anyone in South Korea to buy land enough for a typical South Korean village in Canada. Maybe that is why some US counties and states are experiencing increase in house and land prices but mostly triggered by some Asians or Asian-Americans. Someone bought some piece of desert in a southern US territory and tore it to thousands of small pieces and sold each to different individuals, one of the common tactics in South Korea. They thrive on a very human feeling: insecurity.


very true kenny but if you add in the natural resources canada has…it wins hands down…:slight_smile:


Buying land doesn’t include the people living on it and other properties. In South Korea, you can’t even cut a tree on your own land without a written government permission.


Well here you can cut a tree on your own land. Public or Crown land land requires a permit as well.:wink:


If you cut down a tree in Canada, would anybody notice ? :bigsmile:


No it’s usually driving home with a tree on top of your vehicle that gets you a ticket or a fine.:wink:


I would… :cop:


Same here in Oz.
But no-one cares, until it crushes the neighbours house :stuck_out_tongue:


Why have realtor’s fee percentages gone up in the last couple decades when the price of housing has far outstripped the rate of inflation and house are being bought and sold at a more rapid rate than ever? Very interesting…