Sources: 'Windows 8 sales lower than expected' - Microsoft blames PC makers



Sources: ‘Windows 8 sales lower than expected’ - Microsoft blames PC makers.

[newsimage][/newsimage]According to Microsoft watcher Paul Thurrot has Windows 8 not met its internal sales expectation.

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Sounds more like the case of Dept Of Wishful Thinking wakes up and sees they’re not a butterfly dreaming of being human. Oh well - believing one’s own hype has been a constant that all failures embrace.


It should have been a free optional update through Window updates.:wink:


I guess Microsoft is a full fledged member of the “It’s Not Our Fault” club. It seems that far too many people and companies are joining these days.

I guess it never occurred to them that they put out a product that most people can’t stand to use.


Recently, the price of laptops began rising with back to school and today for the most part prices SUCK… they aren’t a good value. What would have been a slam dunk for me to buy a laptop is now a toss-up to buy a tablet…

However, I’m still not liking most tablets either… it’s one thing or another for most models… either they are too fragile, or too expensive or are missing key features like a CARD SLOT, cough, cough NEXUS, or have bad custom android o/s.

An i5 quad core 2.4ghz (or amd equiv) 4gb ram, 500gb hard drive dx11 video and hdmi/usb3 should be going for around $250- $350… instead most are around $400+ Good luck trying to sell it even with windows 7… at those prices.


Get an Asus (ROG) Ultrabook, they come with a 256mb Samsung SSD and they are light as a feather.


I think I saw a poll somewhere that showed that only 50% of the people who took it even knew about Windows 8. Could this be a result of bad advertising?


Windows 8 had issues in the beginning with hardware compatibility and lack of start menu and for most users has made upgrading to this new OS a nightmare I’m not sure IT Admins really care for it.


Could this be a result of bad advertising?

It would be funny (and pity too, because of vast of money planned to waste by MS on advertising and marketing. (approx. 1.5 - 2 billions USD) ). (stated nearly the end of the article)


i used it for a month on a desktop pc :sad: :Z


Our sys admins love XP because they could tailor an installation for any client company completely, and then Users could add-on their own customizations easily without affecting the Base Install. So, administration of those User PCs allowed mass admin updates, changes, etc, plus allowed Users to always have their preferences comfortably and productively available.

Win7 changed some of that. Customization was more restricted but with additional training, most users were able to re-locate their comfortable productivity (except for the awful downgrades inside WinExplorer).

Win8 is changing all of that. It can be a canned environment with few User Level customizations for their individual productivity, or it can be all customizable. Almost no middle-ground. Users either do everything the same way all the time (yeah, riiiight) or Administrators may spend hours on every User PC to effect any mass change.

I think this will be the bigger issue as Win8 plops onto corporate settings. No admin is going to worry about “Where’s the Start button” but “Where’s ANYTHING?!! This user has turned all those features off so he can be productive!”

Even Corp MS has issues with this.