Sources: BenQ resumes OEM production of DVD drives for Pioneer

I just posted the article Sources: BenQ resumes OEM production of DVD drives for Pioneer.

Digitimes reports that according to their sources BenQ has landed an OEM order to manufacture 16x DVD-ROM drives from Pioneer. This means that Pioneer will shift from Asus to BenQ for the…

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I do not know people owning a BENQ DVD-ROM. Are those drives good?

Ha! This could be good seeing BenQ understand the need for bitsetting unlike those stubborn folks at Pioneer. Perhaps we will see all future Pioneer drives with this capability.

Actually, if this is just dvd-rom drives then maybe we won’t.

LOL, you made a fool out of yourself. BS is BS.


Chef - Try telling people who have older dvd players that the requirement for bitsetting is bullshit. Also, I don’t suppose you make sure your DL discs are bitset to dvd-rom before you do them? It’s odd that Pioneer will include it for DL but not for SL. But then again Pioneer are reluctant to even support +R/RW on their standalone recorders. They are proving to be a company who is very narrow minded. I encourage everyone not to buy anymore Pioneer burners. This way they will get the message.