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:doh: Hello,

Suppose I burn any CD or DVD using BurnIsoAudioCD method of Nero SDK or through Nero Express.

While Rewriting on that CD/DVD using Nero SDK, I Import from Previous Session using Drive.ImportIsoTrack method. It imports all files & Folder. It display proper Value in Name & EntryTime property of File Object, But It is not displaying value in SourceFilePath Property.

Does any one know this issue ?

Sanjay Shah

:bow: Please tell me if my question is wrong or there is no answer for my question ?

Sanjay Shah

:doh: Is this forum monitored by Ahead engineers ? then why there is no reply for my post since last 2 week.

Sanjay Shah

:sad: Please help me, This is my main requirement to provide backup facility in my application.

Sanjay Shah

:cool: [B]To Nero Engineers[/B],

I am requesting Nero Engineers please look into this matter. We must have the information of [B]SourceFilePath [/B] of any file which is already burned on CD.

If SourceFilePath is not available then user can make a mistake of Burning database whose name is common (like db1.mdb, data.mdb) in application of other folder in the same CD.

If SourceFilePath is available then we can prompt user that File is already exist of different path.

Sanjay Shah

I emailed Nero a short time ago, message and my response is below. Maybe we should start a petition :frowning:

Hi Claudius,

That doesn’t fit in with the picture I see as someone who does read the forum regularly.

For instance I have reported what I believe to be a bug in this thread (

If nobody from Nero is monitoring the forum and giving feedback then how are we meant to know whether suspected bugs are indeed bugs and are going to be fixed?


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Dear Mr. Kay,

thank you for your e-mail.

It is correct, we have not logged in for a long period. Please be assured that we read the forum permanently to be able to answer unsolved questions. However in the last time it was not necessary to log in directly since this forum is in the lucky situation to have many competent members that are able to help other NEroSDK users.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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Hi Unison,

Thanks for your efforts But where is a solution ?

Sanjay Shah