Sourcecode of copy software by DVDRanger online - it's revenge

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The source code of open source movie copy software BDneXtCOPY is now available for download on

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Such a cheeky respnse! I love it! :smiley:

I am in no way defending either side. However seems one sided or biased if you ask me. I’d rather have all the facts than ones side and such.

Regardless of the reasons though I think the interesting thing here is that is has actually been released at all.

I wonder who will be first to take advantage of it or whether the ‘powers that be’ will force it to be taken down?


I don’t think it will be force to be taken down for the following reasons.

  1. DVD neXt COPY really isn’t doing that good on updates or upgrades to new products.

  2. BD Copying isn’t all that main streamed as most BD’s have the digital download. Yes there is DRM with it but look at the millions of people and we are only a small handful of folks here on the net.

  3. No compression nor decrypter involved.

Well for me I already got a package that works well for DVD/BD already…and for their customer service and response which lacking has prevented most from wanting to buy their software…

Streaming will be the wave of the future. When? I don’t know. Most likely when they cap internet here in the states on over usage. Like they did on unlimited data for the smart phones. It’s all about the extra money.

These petty arguments between DVDNextCopy and DVD Ranger are childish. There are courts for such things if they are valid. I happen to like DVDNextCopy, and I know the author of DVD Ranger wrote that software but after that who knows the whole truth about who has rights and who doesn’t. Both programs are excellent software and maybe they should kiss and makeup. LOL

I am not sure where ingo forester is going with this I am intriged that they released the acual dvdnextcopy program for free to down load and it works fine better than Dvdnextcopy next tech 4 which costs $34.95 now.

Another thing that makes me wonder I read they were going to improve it further so far since launched three updated to BD nextcopy have been made but their real program dvdranger has most any option you could want rather its blu-ray dvd copy ripper ect and it has not been updated since march 23rd going on three months maybe the program has not needed an update for the latest copy protection for almost three months I can’t confirm that or not.

I am really puzzled by this move the company is making if its just for revenge for a non paid bill as I saw in another thread then why even update the free program after it was released something more is cooking from the company time will tell.:smiley:

Lovely statement from the coder…

I am glad I myself got a program that works and does what my needs are without waiting …