Source to Target

Has anyone copied to + R DL DVD, using 1Click and AnyDVD, directly from source disk to traget disk? I am looking for ways to simplify the process and make things less involved.

I have done full backups from source DVD9 to +R DL DVDs using 1Click and AnyDVD, using one drive as reader and the other as writer. In my experience I have not had a bad copy (coaster) in about a dozen attempts. Haven’t done more because of the cost of the media and because a 1Click movie only to a DVD5 has excellent video quality. If by directly you mean “on the fly” 1Click will not copy in that fashion. The files will be read, written to a temporary files on the HD, and then written to the destination drive. That said, all the user has to do us select DL destination, click the start button and come back when it’s finished. Not too involved.

If the files are read, written to temporary files on the HD, then written to the destination drive without user interaction, that is fine. I thought that direct disk-to-disk backup would work. However, I fear movies (Madagascar for example) where AnyDVD my need help from other tools, such as VOB blanker, to get the job done. In such cases a direct source to target copy is not possible, correct? That is, I’d feel more comfortable about a disk-to-disk copy if I new in advance that the encryption would be defeated. Would be possible to pass the source thru a VOB editor on the fly as well?

AnyDVD didn’t need help with my copy of Madagascar. But, anyway 1Click won’t do the direct disc to disc on the fly copying. I’m not familiar with VOB blanker so can’t respond to that. CloneCD will do 1:1 backups of DVD’s on the fly without writing temporary files to the hard drive. That includes DLs. With AnyDVD running in the background that might do the job for you.

I do not mind if 1Click writes to a temp file as long as I do not have to create or baby sit it. Just curious, when you backed up Madagascar what were your seting in AnyDVD Navigation (remove annoying adverts …> Jump to…)? Which options did you check in 1Click? I read some posts where depending on the combined configuration used by both softwares problems were created on the backup copy >>

Which versions of AnyDVD and 1Click did you use? Thanks for the help.

I was using 1Click and AnyDVD I did not have AnyDVD navigation checked and was doing a movie only backup. The thread you cited was from the 1Click Pro forum. It was really about Bladerunner, which I do not own Pro had some problems with Madagascar that regular 1Click did not. They have been fixed in a new Beta of Pro that I don’t think has been released yet.