Source of error in QS and TRT?

Not sure what happened. It’s a bit quiet at work these days so i decided to bring my laptop and do some testing. Already yesterday i didn’t like what i saw. One reason could be bad discs but i never saw that many bad discs with diff media id. Today i put some more discs through and here’s the same disc from “work/laptop” and “home/power pc”. I never experienced a big drop in the LiteOns performance before and i’m curious why it decides to act out on my laptop. Power supply? USB connection? I tried the same setup before and behaviour was within expectation. Just like when i took the disc(s) home and scanned in the same LiteOn - and Optiarc for “comparison”. Just thought it was odd. I know for a while i’ll do the scans at home for better reliability :smiley:



Please perform a [B]burst rate[/B] test in the “work” configuration.

I will tomorrow :wink: Thanks!

Do other burnt discs show the same behavior?

Here’s a few scans from work today. For now i’m not sure what burst rate is but i have a feeling it may matter here somehow :bow: Please tell me more

Here’s same drive and disc at home today. And in the end TRT & stuff from Plextor 810 and Optiarc 7071. Funny that Quality test at 4x is same both home and work but the Benchmark test is pretty different :wink:

The [B]burst rate[/B] is the maximal (not sustained) data transfer rate that is possible on this connection.
It seems that your work configuration has a problem, as the burst rate should be at least around 22 MB/s for 16x DVD speed. Is the Litey connected via USB, PATA or a SATA/PATA converter?
Either way you should try installing drivers, if you haven’t already - or try uninstalling them and using the Microsoft drivers. :slight_smile:

(Oh, what about a 12x LiteOn scan at home?)

The LiteOn is connected via USB. It has before on my old PC decided that 12x is max. It’s first time on the new PC it’s gone “down” to 12x :confused: For a month or so it read at 16x and i think it will be back again but i wonder what have triggered this change. Earlier it has been 100% reliable from work too… Also it seems to read/write ok at work - at least until it reach 6x :slight_smile:

I assume it reads 16x media at 16x and slower media at 12x.
The USB connection, obviously, is the bottleneck. Which type of enclosure are you using? And can you tell us the chipset (Cypress, NEC, Prolific…)? :slight_smile:

I never thought of that but it might indeed be so :slight_smile:
Is all that i can find about chipset (= i don’t know… atm). It’s a regular external drive if that helps - no homemade enclosure construction. -Thanks for helping so far :slight_smile: