Source for TDK Ultra 24x 700MB in UK?


Can anyone tell me where I can get TDK Ultra 24x 700MB blanks from in the UK?

The only place I’ve found with them in stock is, but they want over £0.90 per disc! SVP Communications say they’ll have them in the new year, probably for under £0.50, but I want some now!!

Someone must have them, anyone know who?

Cheers, Toby.

Why TDK? Go down to your local market and pick up some Discplanet Whitetops!

Well I’ve always used TDK discs in the past, and have found that they have three important qualities:

  1. They’re totally reliable
  2. They’re compatible with my DVD player (for audo and VCD)
  3. They’re compatible with my car autochanger.

That said, I decided to try some DataSafe discs recently, and these appear to have all the above qualities, and I can get them for 20p each, so I may stick with them.