Source for NEC firmware



Need firmware source (1.7?) to upgrade an NEC ND-3550A DVD-RW in a MAC running OS10.4.11. Have binflash and necflashX.


your search engine is your friend: FW Link

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The best collection is available here: :smiley:



You’d probably want to use Liggy’s 3550 1.07 RPC1 version.


Eric - Thanks a lot. I will try it.



[QUOTE=eric93se;2481356]You’d probably want to use Liggy’s 3550 1.07 RPC1 version.[/QUOTE]
Eric - What is Liggy’s official version number?? (with RCP1)



Original means non of the write strategies were changed. You can try both firmware and see which performs better after doing error tests (with nero cd speed, free). I would just use Liggy’s modified one.


Any MAC OSX version of Nero CD speed exist?? Or equivalent?