Source for Lite-On firmware 5S07


I need your help in locating a source for the Lite-On firmware 5S07 which I understand from your reply to my post in the CloneClinic forum is the firmware that you recommend for the Lite-On LTR 24102B.

i have it on my Hd it’s about 1 Mb.
Send me your email adress and i will send it to you.

you can also take a look at the firmware section @

If you are going to downgrade your firmware you will need the dosversion off 5so7.

With dos5s07.exe which is 316 KB you can boot on a Win98 SE boot disk with CD support and flash your Lite-ON with firmware 5s07 regardless of which firmware version is currently being used … including the new 5s54 !

Can someone please point me in the right direction regarding the preferable firmware to use on my recently purchased LTR-24102B. Should I install the 5S54 firmware which is the most recent update available at the LiteOnIt web site or as it has been suggested should I install the 5S07 firmware update? Comments will be greatly appreciated.

Am I correct in assuming that firmware 5S54 includes the feature incorporated in firmware 5S07?

My advice would be …

If you have no problems with your current firmware don’t up/downgrade it !

If you run into problems you can always try another firmware but if it ain’t broke don’t fix it !

Just remember … currently the only firmware which can be applied again and again regardless of what firmware is currently in use is the dos5s07 ! and it MUST be done from DOS !

Meaning you can always revert back to 5s07 and then up to whatever version you decide !

But if it ain’t broke don’t fix it !!!

And I don’t know if the 5s54 firmware contains exactly the same features as the 5s07 but I assume so ! 5s54 works very well and so does the 5s07 !

In fact I have been using them both !


Thank you for your detailed comments.

coult some tel me where ik can find my firmware nfo in win xp ??

You can see it when you boot … or you can probably see it in your BIOS !

( and no you cant see it in device manager like you can in Win9X )

Otherwise get a hold of Sisoft Sandra standard … it’s free

You can find it in the most burning programs too,IE:when you start clone cd and you select your reader(or writer),you find the info in the right tab,under revision…No need to search the bios…:wink: