Source for FLAC and APE music files

Does anyone know of sites where I can download music in lossless format, such as FLAC and APE? I am not interested in mp3 downloads since they are poor versions of the original vinyl pressings.


You’re looking for transfers from vinyl? You’ll probably save yourself a lot of time and frustration if you buy the albums online, or at a used record store and transfer them yourself.
I have yet to see a commercial implementation of either FLAC or APE, but that might be because it’s not something I seek…good luck to you!

If I remember correctly the FLAC homepage has links to some commercial sites that offer FLAC content.

I think allofmp3 may have some lossless stuff.

Lossless format music: shorten!

read hear:

and particularly the section: where can you get your .shn’s?

Just to get you started

Is it possible to make FLAC or APE playable in a standard CD player?


not to my knowledge, no, LINEBACKER.

Not in FLAC or APE format, it’s called using a HTPC or converting them back to WAV and burning them to CD as normal CD-Audio

Usually it is best to hvae the source media and then you can rip it to any format and such you wish. Original right from the CD’s or Records or Cassettes.

Does Apple sell lossless on their iTunes Store?