Source for blank S-VHS tape?

I realize that this is old tech., but …:rolleyes:

Can anybody recommend an online source for blank S-VHS video tape.

I used to get the JVC SV (at Circuit City) but I can’t find any S-VHS tape locally.


I have these people in my bookmarks under “orders” but with 7~8 years worth of orders for stuff on this box I dont see any receipts from them, so they have not been used/or its been a longer time…

But a simple google search comes back with quite a few

But with a quick check they have DVD+R TY media with the ADVDInfo: TYG02 this might be why they are not in the more up to date list, and the same for 16x +R ADVDInfo: TYG03

Drill one small hole (in the correct place) and any VHS tape will Play or record like a SVHS Tape.


Thanks for the links.

Checked it out - the S-VHS was discontinued.
Also, I need something in USA - have no idea what shipping would be from U.K.?

I did find some at at a decent price.
Don’t know how I missed it before.:confused:

Thanks to All!

B&H Photo has it too -