Source for 5X RAM Media, Panasonic

I have seen a number of posts mentioning Maxell 5X RAM media and problems finding a source. Panasonic has been a good source of RAM media in the past and this looks like a fair price, plus shipping won’t kill you.


I buy FujiFilm five packs in jewel cases from Best Buy for $19.99.

It is Made in Japan by Matsushita, media code M01j0005

Is that 5x media? All I have seen at Best Buy other than the Fujifilm is Panasonic 3x 10pack for $40.

Does anyone know where to get decent 5x media cheaply in the UK? If not, what other cheap quality media is avliable in the UK?

I assume that this drive only needs bare media rather than the caddy/cartridge? I have just ordered 3 of these drives but they won’t be here untill next week.


It only writes at 2X on my 4163B.

I have been wishing that LG would speed it up with a new FW update.

Even though LG specs say 5X, I think they should be able to write at 5X on 2X media. :slight_smile:

I read somewhere in the CD Freaks pages that this is normal due to the error checking that goes on. Maybe someone with more knowledge than I could illuminate the point further.


yes, that is correct.

Kenshin, on the LG forum, and/or some others have written that.

I am pretty sure that Fuji at BB is 2X as you report that it writes only at that speed and BB does not have a history of cheap prices. As I understand it, if you want to write and read at 5X you need 5X media. Not that long ago 2X was over $10 so getting real 5X for $7 is not too much of a hardship. Hopefully my LG firmware will recognize it or I’ll be out a few bucks. BTW you are lucky to get 3X out of the 120U, I only get 2X.


I am not sure that you will be able to write at 5X with known 5X media either.

Why wouldn’t you just get 2.5 X?

I believe my discs are 4X. And I get 2X writes.

On the box it says “This disc has been formatted for video recording in compliance with version 2 of the DVD-RAM standard.”

DVD-RAM has built-in error-checking making 1x DVD writing slower than USB 1.1 memory and 5x DVD slower than 4x DVD+RW. 5x DVD-RAM writing is just as fast as 2.4x DVD+RW. For speed, better use 8x DVD+RW. Until 8x DVD+RW media become easily available, there are still 4x DVD+RW media.


I have a good idea, how about if you buy some 5X discs and let me know how fast it will read and write?

And then I will buy some if it does 5X reads and writes.

Darn, chas0039, you raised my curiosity.

Now I will have to buy some and try it myself. :iagree:

Isn’t there problems with formating a RW disk for direct writing? I did ask this question in another thread ( but kno one seems to have been able to give me an answer?

Direct writing or random-access writing to RW disks always give more problems than writing to HDDs and DVD-RAM disks. For that purpose, DVD+RW can’t replace DVD-RAM. I personally prefer portable HDDs to DVD-RAM disks for random writing. An 80GB 2.5-inch HDD has become very cheap and reasonably fast. :slight_smile:

I will have mine on Friday so I will be glad to post my results. I didn’t get these to write at 5X, I got them to read at 5X so hopefully the error checking will not slow me down. Check back tomorrow.

I have just started to play around with this but InCD from Nero seems to do what you want, subject of course to Kenshin’s reservations.


Good, I will be checking back to see what results you get.

Well guys, I got the discs today and they are listed as 5X on the label. Every program I use to detect disc type also list them as 5X and these same programs list the regular 120U discs as 2X. When I write to them with InCD enabled, they write significantly faster than when I write the same files to the 2X media. Reading is considerably faster than writing. One other thing, they are recordable in my Panasonic E50 DVD Recorder at 1X, even though the spec isn’t listed. Conclusion: on the LG 4163B with A103 firmware these are 5X discs, subject to the verify limitation on burn time. They are fast and the place of purchase delivered in a few days. Sounds like a good option for LG owners.

Why would you use InCD? I thought packet writing was an area prone to problems. WHy not just format the disks as FAT 32 and direct write using the OS?

I don’t use InCD, especially now that I have found out that InCD blocks any ability to read RAM discs or RW copies of RAM discs written on my E50. It took me a good 2 hours to figure out the culprit (even when disabled). I just used it to quickly find out that these discs were writing at 5X and I wanted to report accurately what I had done. Also, I don’t use FAT32 because I need UDF 2.0 in my E50.

Packet writing got a bad rap many years ago when it was software only. Mount Rainier (MRW) added hardware error correction for CD/DVD. DVD-RAM is better yet due to the purposely designed discs. FAT32 is inferior to UDF and there is no such thing as direct writing. No matter what, a software driver is required by the OS -it is just that a basic generic driver is included with Windows. For full functionality a third-party driver and tools from the likes of Matsushita or Ahead is required.

Those are the first Panny 5x I have seen. For Maxell: