Source data too slow



Hi guys… I have a serious problem. I’m using the 4163 if it helps…

Each time i try to burn a DVD from my hard disk using Nero 6, i’m only allowed to burn a 4x using 8x or 12x verbatim media (mcc-003 dye). I’ve used this media before and had successful burns at 12x. But this time i selected the find optimal burn speed option and it reads the source at 3x max!!? Then it says, cannot copy at 12x because data read from source is too slow…

The part i don’t get is that i’m using a SATA seagate baracuda 80GB 7200rpm 8mb cache, which i’m sure is fast enough. I have formatted it using NTFS partition through windows xp.

Any ideas to improve the speed? The hard disk runs fast during normal usage so this is quite a suprise. should i format it using another software? i used to do it through dos, i.e. format c: but that only partitions it using fat32 structure. I prefer NTFS. Any help will be grateful. Thanks.


Have you checked whether all relevent IDE channels are set to used DMA if available


First things first, you need to run transfer rate on the hard drives. Either use Nero Burnig Rom in the preferencess or HDtune, so you see what the partitions can give. Besides that, make sure to defrag periodically.


well i never defrag to be honest because i’d rather to a reformat and reinstallation of windows xp, which i do about every 4/5 months.

dma has been selected (ultra dma mode 5).

i’ll do the nero test but at the moment i just finished doing a ‘zero file’ format (better than low level format according to seagate’, and i’m currently reinstalling windows xp (using my laptop at the mo).

Thanks for the tips, and i’ll be back with the results.


Ok i did the hard disk test using HD Tach.

Average read speed was: 47.2 MB/s.

For a SATA Barracuda drive that seems a little of the pace don’t you agree? Maybe I’ve setup something the wrong way…

Never have used a SATA drive before so any assistance would be good.

I compared the results (using HD Tach) with other drives. SATA drives are normally averaging 80 - 90 MB/s!!! So what’s wrong with mine?

I use the WinXP Promise FastTrak 376/378 ™ Controller that came with the motherboard… any suggestions? or is this normal? thanks.