Source Data too Large (March of the Penguins)



I am getting “source data too large” while using CloneDVD2 for March of the Penguins.
My first attempt was after I ripped the DVD using DVD Fab decryptor.
I used the ‘Clone DVD’ part of the software and I was set to DVD-5. The erro occurred after the program had finishing writing the temporary files.
I then tried using Clone DVD with the DVD as the source. Same error.
I then tried Copy DVD Titles, straight from the DVD.
I went to the folder where DVD Fab had stored the video files. They were 6.7GB’s, which should be no problem for this application.
This is my first failure using this application, which I discovered when it was the only program that was able to burn Madagascar.
Any suggestions?



Do you have more of 9.4 GB of free space?


Much more


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This means, that the disc you have inserted has not enough space. Did you accidently inserted a CD-R instead of a DVD+/-R disc? This would explain the problem.