Source data too large error

Can someone please help. I have been backing up my DVDs using CloneDVD and AnyDVD without any problems for some time (using a Pioneer A06 DVD writer). I have the latest updates of both programs. Now I’m getting this error:

"source data too large

This writer is not capable of writing the source data as requested"

Details: WriteDVD 14 W2

Can you tell us the steps that lead to this error, such as from the begginning, which option did you choose first and so on

Sure. I have 2 drives: a DVD ROM drive and the Pioneer DVD writer.

I have the original disc (in this case “What Dreams May Come”) in the DVD ROM drive and a blank disc (a brand I’ve always used with no problems) in the Pioneer.

AnyDVD fades out and comes back on with “2 open”. Open CloneDVD and click on CloneDVD (the middle one) and go through all the default setups (I think this particular movie gets to about 62%) and it processes but then when it gets to writing I get the error. I’ve tried deleting the temporary files and not deleting the temporary files so that I can write it using the bottom option (write existing data) but neither works.

Hope this helps.

how much space is avalible on your harddrive?

120GB! And I have 1GB RAM so I doubt that should be a problem, especially seeing as I do some video editing without any problems. The only thing that has changed in my system recently is that I’ve added a Pinnacle PCTV capture card - can’t really see that affecting it though.

Make sure, that you specify the correct output size in CloneDVD’s title selection screen. (DVD5 would be the correct size)

Yep, its definitely DVD5.

you have a 120GB harddrive, but how much is free?

No I have a 160GB hard drive with 120GB free.

I have just tried changing the output method to DVD files and/or ISO/UDF image and then use the bottom option to write the DVD files to disc but got the same error :frowning:

You are trying to write to an empty DVD media? And not accidently using a CD-R media?

:frowning: aarrrrggghhh YES!!! I have a spindle of DVD-R and obviously the b******s put the odd CD-R in amongst the spindle. What a rip off! Thank you so much. Silly mistake on my part but I honestly did just not expect it. That explains why some worked and some didn’t.

No idea who b******s might be… but something similar happened to me, too.
That’s why I asked you to check… :slight_smile:

same exact problem here, any solution?

bit of an old thread, but as no-ones posted in here in about a year, ill annswer your quesetion.

1st question: are you ripping to your hard disk or a dvd?

I doubt you have the exact same problem as the versions of software have moved on considerably in the past 15 months so perhaps you should give full details of what you’re doing, using etc.