Source data is too large - uuuugggg

I have the exact same issue as another poster:
I have used CloneDVD2 for a while now with no issues, but now the honeymoon’s over. At the start of the burn in the log menu, it states that the target size is sufficient and the transcoder is disabled. Then CloneDVD2 tells me to insert blank media and it tries to start burning, then I get: “Source data is too large. WriteDVD 14 W2”. I have been copying (average length) movies using the same blank dvd+r disks for a long time and always choose DVD-5, but this problem is new.

I tried uninstalling CloneDVD2, and reinstalling it, (which fixed it for the other poster) with no success. I have not installed any new software, but there have been a few NAV updates and one Windows update.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanx in advance.

@ 1100,

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You have not provided the version number of the CloneDVD software program you are currently using. To prevent any confusion visit SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of the AnyDVD-CloneDVD software programs.

Stating you are using blank dvd+r disks does not fully describe the actual DVD Media you are using. Please provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) (Example: RitekG05) of the DVD Media you are using. Also provide the Manufacture Name, Model Number, and Firmware version of your DVD Burner. To obtain this information use a software utility program similar to DVD Identifier ( or DVDInfo (

Perchance do you have your Anti Virus or any other background activities running when using CloneDVD? It is documented that back ground activities running while conducting DVD coping tasks can interfere with the proper operation of CloneDVD. If you are not connected to the Internet, which you should not be, when using CloneDVD there is no reason to have your Anti Virus program operational.

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To elaborate on bjkg’s sound advice, Nav is known to have conflicts with CloneDVD2, perhaps one of the updates caused your recent problem.
Remember AV software is monitoring what is written on your hard drive. So as it’s ripping the temporary files Big Brother is watching and may step in when not invited.

IMHO, best solution is keep the door shut and don’t allow him to watch what you’re doing.
Sure many people burn with some AV software without issue, but why not take a preventive measure in case something does go wrong, this is one less thing to do in troubleshooting to seek the root of the problem.

Thanx for your reply. I tried copying again, this time excluding the DVD folders from NAV, and it worked!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to continue copying this way…

Thank you both kindly.

Good to hear it’s working, as mentioned Nav does cause conficts, just make it a habit to disable it and any unnecessary startup programs and you should be OK.
Use all your resources for burning and not wasting them on programs that are not essential and may cause conflicts.
Remember, XP needs absoultely nothing in startup programs to burn DVD’s.

I have the same error. I do not know what Nav is. Can you tell me what it is and how to disable it?


Sorry newB1 for using the abbreviation.
NAV is Norton Anti Virus, if you don’t use that particualar one then it’s not the same problem.

If you do have it, to disable, uncheck it in your startup programs.

If using XP
To access your startup programs hit start button- select run- then type in msconfig, then hit OK.
Then click on the startup tab on the far right.

I have seen other forum members describe NAV as being intrusive.
I use McAfee, and haven’t had any problems with it running in the background. In fact since installing sp2, turning it off results in the annoying reminders from the os that I’m unprotected against virus’s.
Is there a difference in the way that these anti-virus programs function, or have I been fortunate in not having any issues?

If one right clicks the NAV icon in the System Tray, and chooses “Disable Auto Protect” doesn’t that do the job just as well? Or does that still leave something Norton running in Windows Services that worries you?

I would be afraid of going out onto the web after a backup and forgetting that NAV was off and catching something nasty because of that. It’s wild, wild west out there without protection.


Oviously Nav does function different than McAfee since you are not experiencing problems. I must be frank with you I personally wouldn’t use McAfee if they offered it free, that’s just my opinion, if it works for you and you feel secure continue to use it.

I’m not sure if by disabling it in the system tray would shut it down completely since I don’t use any of the Norton products. I can tell you this, with my AV program I have it set to allow manual stopping. Yet when I shut down the program, I look in task manager one of the two entries has disappeared but the other it’s still running, the one still running is a kernel mode. I tried going into services and stop it there, however although set to automatic and running it does not permit to stop the service as with other entries. One would think it’s a security measure to prevent an online attacker to disable the AV. Only method that works for me is disable it in startup and reboot.
It may work different with Norton AV, I just don’t know.

There have been a few occassions when I had a brain fart and forgot to disable it in startup, the burns went fine, I just don’t want to risk it so I always disable it.
It may be an unnecessary inconvenience on my part since it does take extra time, but it’s an inconvenience I’m willing to endure. Whatever works best for you is the path you should chose.

Thanks guys, I don’t use any anit-virus programs because I believe they are a waste of resources. My anti-virus is backing up my files and re-installing windows every 3 weeks. Do you think this is a hardware issue? I am trying to backup Constantine on a dvd+r double-layer disk. This drive is an I/O majic drive I got from Compusa 4 months ago, first time I got a bargain burner. Should I have gotten a plextor?

XP pro, sp2, AthlonXP 2800, 1gb 333 ddr ram

You don’t state if you are using CloneDVD2 V 2.8.51 and AnyDVD v5.4.4.1 or
The original poster of this thread, 1100, did solve his problem by disabling Nav features.
Since you don’t have AV installed I think the best couse of action for you would be to start a new thread describing your problem in full with as many details as possible so you won’t be asked for them.

Just a quick suggestion, if you are using CloneDVD2 and your problem is with the DL disk, make certain you have chosen DVD+ R DL as the target size.
Also make sure that I/O Magic drive is compatible with the media you are using.
Check your owners manual or visit the I\O site since I\oMagic is not a popular drive.

I suggest using Verabtim since it’s quality and compatible with many of the popular burners. As far as Plextor goes, they once made the best drives around, now in order to remain competitive the quality is not the same from what I’m reading.

Sorry for the lack of details. I am using CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD I am using memorex double-layer disks. I made back-ups of my other dvd’s so I know it’s not the media I am using. Constantine is the only one with this error. Anyone else know what could be causing the “Source data is too large. WriteDVD 14 W2” error? The Constantine dvd is 6.7 gb total. I know that could fit on a double layer disk.


@ newB1,

Perchance are you sure that your DVD Burner’s firmware includes the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) for the DVD DL Media you are using. If the DVD Burner’s firmware does not recognize the MID of the DVD DL Media you are using it will not acknowledge the DVD DL Media and will only think that it is SL Media (4.7 GH) in size.

This is a problem if you DVD Burner has old outdated firmware that does not recognize the newer DVD DL Media.

Since you have not provided the Manufacture Name, Model Number, and firmware version of your DVD Burner it is only speculation if this is the cause of your problem.

Also it is known that Memorex double-layer DVD Media is very problematic Media and cause numerous problems.

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Sorry, The burner is a 16x I/O Magic double-layer burner. I just updated the firmware to A089. I made backups with the memorex disks on this burner so I know it’s not the media.


@ newB1,

You can use whatever DVD+R DL media you want but I would suggest using the Forum search function and see how many numerous complaints Forum Members have reported with Memorex double-layer DVD Media.

This problem is reported occasionally and consensus it if its not media related it is mostly caused by some 3rd party software running in the background. Perchance have you ensured that you don’t have any 3rd party software program (Anti Virus Scanner, Packet Writing Software, File System extension) running it the back ground when you are attempting to make your back up copy?

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OK, I am having the same problem an it really sucks

I have clonedvd2 and anydvd
Also I am trying to use memorex DL +r’s and I get the error Data source too large and I am not sure what to do. I have a I/O magic dual layer burner and I dont know what to do


Please, just dump the memorex :Z in the trash. Do a cdf search: keyword “memorex”. Most of us are just too tired of responding to posters who refuse to believe their problem is not memorex media. :frowning:

Assume newB1 never posted back because he got results by using good media. He probably thought we would harp on his misjudgement but we wouldn’t. :disagree: We just want people to stop resisting and buy, try and see that good media solves the majority of problems posted by users of memorsux.

No dis intended, sorry to be impatient.

Best regards,

@ digital_ripper04,

Perchance did you note posting #14 and/or #16 just above your #17 posting?

If you would view those postings you would see that the use of your Memorex DL +R is most likely the cause of your problems.

Best Regards,

I just cant beleive its the media :disagree: :wink:
I guess I will be going back to best buy an giving those back lol