Sour grapes for Matsushita?

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As both Samsung and Matsushita fight over dominance in the DRAM and flat-panel markets, the lawsuit begun in 2002 has ended in a 'draw," leaving Matsushita seriously peeved over the…

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Matsushita all the way, Samsung is crap. There stuff never lasts it always breaks down, I could never understand how such a bad company could stay around. Everyone I know that has used Samsung will tell you there crap, I’m in the state of pa and I have family in jersey, my aunt has a big screen Samsung they bought and it is always breaking down and needing repair after about 3 years of having it. It started from day 1 of owning. So you can see even buying from different states that its no shipment issues especially after 20 some years. My jersey family mainly buys Panasonic and never had problems with there stuff, I have a Panasonic DVD player and works perfectly after almost 2 years of use! I only ever got 6 months out of Samsung stuff. I had a Samsung DVD player in 1989 paid $300 and it died after 6 months of use. Had a TV and it died after only a year! After that we never bought them again. Many friends and people I have talked to have been threw the same. Samsung should be run out of business.
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Those idiots in the courts don’t know nothing about copyright. Support Matsushita!! SamSung is $h!t! By the way, Samsung cannot die due to Korean government backing them behind.
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That is sad, that unknowing people get stuck with crap products that cost to much.

didn’t know korean government was backing samsung that much…are you talking about the same korean government that forced samsung to go through tons of legal/financial investigates…not to mention that the ceo was enjailed for nothing? what are you? osaka-san?

because samsung is dominating lcd market with lg-philips, matsushita has reason to worry about the plasma display market samsung is famous for high yield semiconductor processing which can be employed to plasma displays. to stop the advance matsushita used dirty old tricks. it is like riaa suing people to the court for the “extortion”. because samsung is big enought to fight off in the court, but the small guys wouldn’t be able to do so. that would hamper the advancement of technology from the innovative start-ups those who blasted samsung just because they don’t like samsung do not help the industry go to the right direct either. fanboyism is also wasting precious server resources btw, my panasonic tau hdtv set has been the one of the worst purchase ever made

Why you bought a DVD player in 1989 as DVD came out in 1997. You had nothing to watch…:g

There are way better panels than the above two, guys.

Nothing wrong with Samsung products IMO. I have two LCD displays (one made in 2002) and two DivX capable DVD players made by Samsung and they all perform flawlessly. appleGoddel8 is full of it.

Those who say Samsung is crap under this news post about DRAM and flat panel must realize Samsung hardly cared about DVD players years ago simply because they had so little to gain from DVD player and recorder markets. I can write a short history of Samsung but not here and not now. As far as DRAM, flash, plasma, LCD, and some others things are concerned, Samsung is one of the world leaders. Matsushita has longer experiences, but money can always buy people with experiences and genius. Even Microsoft and Intel in the 1980s were just tiny start-up’s compared to IBM and AT&T.

It’s true the South Korean government supports South Korean jaebol companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, SK, etc., but you have to admit all those are actually owned by groups of multinational capitalists. Roughly half of the most profitable parts of Samsung is owned by non-Korean nationals, mostly citizens of the United States. By the way, the current South Korean regime HATES Samsung for many important and sensitive reasons. (Which often meant life and death differences in the recent history of South Korea.)