Sounding off on behalf of copy protection



I just posted the article Sounding off on behalf of copy protection.

On we can find an interview with SunnComm’s chief executive Peter Jacobs, I would recommend it to read it yourself and see how the companies thinks about its own protection

As they talk…

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…If you give people what they want with respect to their ability to copy the music in ways that they think is reasonable, they will not ever attempt to circumvent the technology.
I want to copy it onto my computer so I dont have to put the stupid CD in each time I want to listen to the song. Also my computer is my ONLY means of listening to music as my cd player on my stereo stopped working a year ago. They’re not giving me any respect so I wont give them any: FUCK THEM!


pfft whatever. if i couldn’t download music of the net, i still wouldn’t buy it. there’s still tv and radio. the only advantage the net has is that we can share. the common man can share music. if we, the common men choose to do something, nothing will stop us.


It’s all greed…


what the f? “the technology provide a speed bump to people who don’t steal things”. ok… so it’s sorta like microsoft’s activation thing. you punish the people who aren’t criminals, and let the real criminals do what they do. sucks. can’t they just lower the price of the CD’s. i’m sure that young new executive can live without his benz and buy a nice lexus instead. and those old executives can live with their five houses, and put off buying another for a couple of years. sheesh. crap as usual from the greedy.


Would we all buy Cd’s if they lowered the prices?