Soundforge problems

Im using sound forge 8.0 and Im using sony wavehammer , the comprsssion part of the programme that works fine.its when I save the file as an mp3 file that im getting problems. when I save a normal mp3 it saves fine with the song name group album name and year the song came out,

Now for the problem , if I download a tune of napster that I have brought with the drm part of the file gone using tunebite. so the file is unprotected this is where I start to have problems I use wave hammer etc in the same way, but when I go to save the file as an mp3 file it saves it in a weird way, I loose the year of the song album title and the group name with werid symbols like ypt it renames all the files like this , but only from napstser just wondering if anyone knows how I can get the mp3 tags backand why it saves the files like this???