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Hello, I have a laptop and I am playing to use it for convert my old music tape. I wonder if there is some guide to convert tapes using a laptop or is the same than any normal guide using a PC, wires and tape deck. I found some on net but aren’t very clear…

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Odds are your laptop only has Mic in, not Line in. That makes it a bit more difficult.


My Laptop has Mic-In and a connector where I put headphones to listen music. Is posible that be the Line-In???.


The Mic-In could be mono only and has too high sensitivity to connect with the Tape-Out of your tape deck. The sound device diver may have a setting to adjust the sensitivity, you can check this in the software mixer settings.

If you want the best possible quality, you’ll be better to use a separate USB or PCMCIA soundcard with proper Line-In for recording.


In my opinion, this is the way to go (see my review, click review tab on product page):

Probably the best price also at BH, regards, gamma1