SoundBlaster Live! Value for Windows XP Professional

Hi. First of all, thanks for reading this. I will try to give as much information as is possible. Now, onto the problem at hand.

Today, I installed Windows XP Professional. During installation, I got errors stating that swe_enum.sys, srgb.icm, and tshoot.dll were unreadable from the CD. I chose to skip the files and continue with the installation.

Once installation was finished, I attempted to play an MP3 in Winamp from one of my backup CDs, and received an error that I needed to install the proper drivers.

So, I went to Windows Update and downloaded the driver update there. After installation, I restarted and it gave me a message in the system tray saying that new hardware titled Creative SB Live! (WDM) was found and was being installed. So, I went back to Winamp and tried to play another mp3 (and also a wav file). Again, I got the same error.

Next, I went to Creative’s website and got their XP Update from there. After installation, I again restarted. I was unable to get any sound as I got an error everytime I tried.

After searching the internet, I found this page ( which looked like it may be of some assistance. I tried all the remedies on there but to no avail.

By the way, I switched my sound card to a different PCI slot and still got no results.

Oh, and one more thing; I was running the Home Edition of XP before installing Professional and my card worked fine immediately after installation.

Any help at all would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.


I don’t think its WinXP Pro’s fault, I have a PIII 533mhz pc, 512MB RAM, with a SB Live! on it running fine. I didn’t do any driver updates, when I installed XP Pro I just did a clean format and installed it, then winamp. I think the only way I see is that your XP Pro might not have been a clean installation. You should stick with Home anywayz, there aren’t really any features in Pro that is really worthwhiled.

Hope this helps