Anyone get one of these? They are similar to the home theater sets without the bulk and of course I am sure there is a small sound lost… Products tagged with yamaha soundbar

They’re a particularly good option for flat-panel TVs — they provide much better sound than the tiny speakers built into flat-panel sets, and their sleek designs perfectly complement the styling of the latest plasma and LCD displays. However sound bars by themselves cannot deliver full-range sound and a sub maybe required to deliver it.

I guess it really boils down to what you want from it.


Thanks for the reply. Me personally just looking for a cheap / less wires needed quality sound and thought that you need the sub to make it whole for decent movie watching.

Yo Dr Who-

I just installed a YSP-1100 with matching 10" Yamaha subwoofer that I had recommended for a friend-

Simply stated - [B]IT WAS FRIGGIN AWESOME!!![/B]

Though you will not get true surround sound - it gives a very good simulated surround sound without all the hassles of multiple speakers and all those damn wires-eh!!

Thanks Mike. That was one I was looking at.

Man I never realized how expensive those soundbars were. Like Platinumsword said a sub would help a lot to fill in the lower frequencies. Listened to a few of these and from what I heard they sounded pretty darned good.:slight_smile:

Yo Greg-

In the scheme of things - they aren’t that bad - I found the YSP-1100 on Amazon for $432 shipped and the sub on Amazon for $89 shipped - no rebates, etc

When you factor in the cost for comparable sounding 5.1 speaker system - the hassel and the wiring - it gets reasonable fast-eh!! :iagree:

My question is aside from the wires associated with a true 5.1 DD system, can a soundbar adjacent to a subwoofer really give the discreet placement of sound? This always seemed more like a marketing scheme than a true 5.1 alternative…

IT will give a simulated in my opinion and isn’t a true replacement to a true 5.1 surround sound or DTS or even the new 7.1 true-hd. I passed on getting it.