Soundbar Recommendation

I was wondering if someone could recommend a good soundbar for me. I just have a small room with my TV and my player in it, so I don’t need a full blown 5.1 system. I think I may possibly inherit a decent one when my parents move anyway.

But right now I’m looking to get a soundbar (I would like one with a subwoofer) for my small setup. I would be connecting to it with my WDTV Live. I have the SPDIF cable that I could connect to the soundbar with. I could also go out and buy an optical cable if that would work better. I would prefer one that just has RCA jacks on it (I don’t really need one with HDMI since my HDMI port will be connected to the TV anyway).

I would need one that can decode DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and if possible, FLAC decoding would be nice as I have a lot of CD’s backed up to FLAC (although this isn’t a huge deal because the WDTV Live can decode FLAC in 2ch up to 48/24 from what I am aware).

So any recommendations?

Oh and BTW, budget isn’t a huge concern. I can afford to save up and buy a good one. Maybe I would be better just waiting and getting a decent 5.1 system?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

I found out about the Coby 2.1 soundbar a Best Buy on Slick Deals and took a chance on it seeing how I now also have a small 42" Sony with lousy speakers.
Paid 60 for it on sale and within a week it dropped to 40 so I went back and got a refund/rebuy to save an extra 20 bucks.
If you can get it for 60 or less it sounds pretty good and has a wireless small sub to go wit it and a remote.
Once I go it hooked up to the PC/TV headphone style jack on the back and figured out how to adjust the bass and treble it sounds pretty good for that kind of money.
It lists for about 150 and I think they normally sell it for about 120. Not really thin or small but sounds good for the money so I’m happy with it.
Looks like BB dropped it but others still sell it but not at that good of a price
[B] Coby [I]CSMP95[/I] Super-Slim Soundbar with Wireless [B]…[/B][/B]


I would suggest this one:

I got a refurbished one for my Sister-In-Law and it sounds great-eh!!