Sound wont work

this is a home made dvd . The first time I copyed,

It would not play on my player done from nero .(it was a sony disc) source

And the second played on mine but with no audio.(memorex disc) done with clone dvd

the nero copy is exact copy with audio and video works on my comp not dvd player

the clone dvd copy works on my comp and dvd player with no audio

my links has screen shots of the source clone and nero copy along with a clone dvd screen shot that shows there is no audio

for some reason the clone dvd will no copy audio if i can get the clone dvd to copy the audio it would work

my dvd player takes ntsc video wich both copys are, and will not take dts audio

both copys and source has ntcs and only the clone copy will work on my player with no audio

the nero copy has ac3 audio and ntcs vid and wont read on my player will on my comp

Its a mvd 2015 dvd player from memorex…cnet has the best specs…-33232805.html

Here are screen shots …
Every pic has a explanation underneath.