Sound Sync problem in Nerovision 2

What a pain… Here’s what I’ve discovered so far… a lot depends upon the source. For instance, I’m reburning my Star Trek Original Series to four episodes/disc with menus and getting rid of the opening credits in the process. For the most part, everything works as intended and the results are very satisfying. but one episode - Requiem for Methuselah - loses sound synchronization right after the merge point between the teaser and the rest of the episode. It is consistent, which suggests something in the original commercial recording. Decoded with DVD-Shrink for those interested. Used both Nerovision and DVD shrink to remove the opening credits sequence (had to split the episode into two parts with shrink. When putting everything back together again, sound stayed synchronized in Nerovision until I went to record the results (to hard drive - so the burner isn’t part of the equation. Interestingly enough, the problem persisted consistently whether I burned to disc, hard disk, was recording just one episode or four of them with / without compression (without compression only to hard disk). All other episodes were fine except for this one…
Is this a bug with Nero? and something I should send to them? Or is it a problem with some episodes of some series and I simply need to find a workaround? I like the menuing capability of Nerovision, even though I lose the DD 5.1 sound (stereo is fine for these old episodes), but this is an unacceptable problem.
Any help will be greatly appreciated…

how are you losing DD 5.1? and try using dvd decrypt instead I guess i can understand getting rid of menu’s and credits but what i dont understand is is why you are splitting the episode and then putting it back together?. btw i can use the menuing capability of nerovision without losing DD5.1 what are you doing to lose this?

Interesting… NeroVision 2 (which is all that Nero 6 seems to have (if I can go to another version, how do I get to it on the full suite?)) does not support more than 2-channel audio. So, the very fact that I am using Nerovision 2 “loses” that 5.1 that is on the original.

As to why I’m working with a split episode, that is what NeroVision does when I chop out the credits (which appear about 2 minutes into the show, after the teaser).

I’ve thought about using Decrypt, but I’m not sure what this would accomplish, since Shrink recognizes and decodes the files accordingly.

What I’ve seen is the problem happens only on some episodes… in this case one Star Trek Original Series episode out of a dozen that I’ve played with. All the rest hold synchronization with the video perfectly.

I really suspect the original material is somehow corrupt when it is recorded by the studio. I had a friend provide me with some X-Files discs and we played with the fourth disc from season 2. The first thing I did was to use DVD shrink to produce each episode in its own folder. At first, I had the 1GB option turned on (producing the title in 1 GB chunks). That results in multiple VOB files to import into NeroVision… and those have to be reassembled with audible dropouts at the break point (unless you blend them together). So I did it again with the 1GB option turned off, which produces a single VOB file per episode.

In Star Trek, with the exception of one episode (not the one I am having trouble with), they import as a single title. One episode imported as two titles, but the break was at a normal break in the program (commercial break). With the X-Files, the four files all had breaks in odd places, regardless that I had created single VOB files. These I edited back together, getting rid of any noticeable breaks and eliminating the credits after the teaser. The result was great in the preview part of the program, but when I recorded the system to disc, there were noticeable video pauses while the sound continued with problems. The result was the loss of synchronization on three of the four episodes. The fourth episode (and I don’t remember which one it was on the disc) was fine.

I’ll have to give DVD decrypt a try, but I suspect I’ll see the same results… everything is fine until I actually “burn” the results either to hard disk or to DVD…

Okay, here’s more on this problem and if any of you do what I’m doing (compiling down various shows into better presentations), then you’ll likely run into the same problem. And for some of you, I can see you doing it, simply to come up with a better solution. For instance, I am collecting the Angel series and have the first two seasons - the most irritating part is moving from episode to episode… you have to wander down through two or three awkward menus and then back out again (after watching the show). About the only series that is really set up nicely is Babylon 5. Everyone needs to take a clue. Start the first episode on the disk, hit the credits and skip to the next chapter… it lands at the beginning of the actual episode. Hit the end credits and skip to the nex chapter and it lands at the beginning of the next episode on the disk. Wonderful! All the studios should take a clue from the way that series is assembled.

Anyway, to the problem of losing sound synchronization. The problem lies in the source material, not in Nero or any other tool (that I know of, unless it is DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypt, which I use to pull the episodes off the original disks. I bought a copy of Roxio (UGH! Ugly software for video! Nero is MUCH better.) and it has problems with the same episodes. It simply hangs on converting them. That tells me that I have bad source material and the problem isn’t in either of the Suites (Nero or Roxio).

Anyway, I’m in search of… a workaround. Right now, I can split up the show by doing my cutting with DVD Shrink. That produces the teaser by itself and the rest of the episode by itself. Watching them in order isn’t a problem, since there’s very little gap between the two. The only real problem is that when I trim using DVD Shrink, I don’t have the granularity I have with Nero. But Nero wants to “transcode” to save the results and that’s where the sound loses synchronization. The same problem exists if I export to another format (MPEG, at least for now - I haven’t tried it with other export formats, but one of those may hold a clue to getting around the problem.

The biggest problem with exporting is that the conversion process manages to lose some quality whereas transcoding does not appear to have (at least to my eyes and ears) that problem.

More on this as I try other solutions. Any suggestions or comments are welcome and despite me being a newbie to Club CD Freaks, I have over 40 years working in the computer industry and am currently involved in repackaging applications for enterprise deployment… so finding solutions isn’t foreign to me… And yeah, I’m my own worst editor when it comes to writing.

I also need to mention that using Nero Vision Express 2 (might as well get the full name in here for the tool), everything stays okay until I go through the transcoding (encoding) process. That is where the problem exists, but then Nero is, at that point, working with the original files and attempting to produce the desired results.

A couple of other notes. I write to hard disk, since the result compilation is larger than a standard DVD and then use Recode 2 to do the shrinking and burning to disk. So all the problems ocurr in the transcoding process… no where else and only with certain episodes. As mentioned in my last post, Roxio has problems converting (it can’t do it… just hangs and then fails) these same episodes.

The source discs are “clean” (they should be, they’re brand new, and have been played only a couple of times and I handle my CDs and DVDs very carefully) and no matter which tool I use Shrink or Decyrpt), I have the same problem.

I really don’t want to go back to doing what I did before I got Nero … and that was just cutting and then recording with Shrink (using the Nero burn engine). Menus avoid me having to skip through an entire disc, just to get to the last episode on the disk. The menus produced by Nero are perfect and I wouldn’t change a thing in the process (unless they find out what to do with these problem episodes).

By the way, I mentioned Babylon 5’s layout. I am not re-recording those because there is no need, so I don’t know if any of those episodes have similar problems.

I tried a number of workarounds to this problem and see now that others have reported problems with sound synchronization using Nerovision Express 2. Earlier today, I downloaded the latest versions of Nero 6 and have yet to test this particular problem. I’ll let you know what I find and will likely end up reporting this as a bug to Nero if it still persists.

I had the same problem when burning a DVD from mpeg files captured from my ATI 8500 DV card.
The original capture was in ATI’s .vcr format and i did a convertion with their library s/w to mpeg for burning.
After making a couple of DVD’s and the audio out of sync i was wondering the same thing as to why this happens after about 30 seconds into the DVD.

The work around i have been using is TMPEGenc Author which creates the TS folders and all the nessacerry files for the DVD. Then burning it with Nero 6.

While transcoding with TMPEGenc i notice it gave me an error which said the mpeg file i was trying to encode was over the 9.8 megabit rate for a standard DVD.
This got me think maybe the bit rate was too high for NVE 6 to transcode it properly and it somehow switched during transcoding causing the slight delay in the audio when it picked back up.

Now i have done a small test to see if this is the case.
First i created/captured a mpeg video with a bit rate of less than 9 megabit rate.
From there i used NVE 6 to do the transcode and burn to hard disk to see if the delay was still there.
Success was found when playing back the output.
All audio was in sync.
Mind you that was only a small mpeg file of about 5 minutes not a full 90 mpeg, but a small success yet.
I will try to capture a larger file and test that later when i get a chance.

Maybe there is someone out there with more knowledge on this that can chime in?


OK, Tested with a longer file and it failed :frowning:
Back to the drawing board
Lost sync after 7 minutes.

Actually, you might be on to something, anyway. It could have to do with the ability of the system to keep up with the larger file and eventually failing. I’ve seen the lost synchronization with all episodes of some tv series and no problems with all episodes of other series… I think the problem has to do with how the video is recorded.

I wonder, does anyone know of any tools to provide total information about the specifications of a given title. It would be nice to play with various settings before we end up creating coasters.