Sound Stutters and pictures freezes after burning

When I burn a DVD the picture & sound constantly stutters and freezes. The conversion files play superbly on my pc though so what is wrong with my burning process.

I use Nero Express 6 for burning
DVD-RW or DVD+R TDK discs
LITE-ON SOHW-1653S External DVD Drive that takes the discs above.
I use WinAvi or DVD Santa or Blaze Media Pro for conversion and all create the same result.

I do not have a high speed usb hub to plug it into, is this the prob? I have tried changing the burning write speed to X4, is this the right thing to do or not, does this help?

Any ideas please?


If you are only using an old USB 1.1 hub, then I doubt you would get a successful burn even at the lowest speeds (2x?), as the burning software would be continually stopping and starting, and the dvd recorider itself is probably speeding up and slowing down as well.

In general DVD burns are quite fickle, and it is generally recommended that you do not even run other applications at the same time (it is sometimes a good idea to turn off applications that kick-in at schedules times e.g. virus checkers).

A USB2 card is only £15 or less these days. I would add one (useful in any case for ay other applications), and try again. Alternatively, why not fit an internal DVD drive - its easier to do than you might think if you have not done it before.

Also, try other disks as some medias are liked better than others. I have a Lite-on DVD recorder (stand-alone), and it didn’t like TDK much, but was fine with Verbatim disks (I would still try the USB first though before changing media, simply to eliminate/conform it as the cause)