Sound stops abrubtly at the end of SVCD that was converted from DivX



I convereted a divx to SVCD using the tutorial and w/ about 3 min left in the movie the audio cuts out. Everything up to that point was fine. I tried reconverting it, but I was left w/ the same result. I’ve used the tutorial quite a few times and this is the first time this has happened. Any ideas on what could be causing it? The source is fine.


Can you play the WAV or MP2 audio file created by DVD2SVCD, is that complete ? If not then iDVD2SVCD did not extract it fully. Extract it with VirtualDUB or NanDUB. Set Audio to Direct Copy and then click Save WAV. It will NOT be a Wav file but the origianl MP3 or AC3 audio format so re-name the output file accordingly. Then convert to MP2 format manually using BeSweet. Rename final file to Encoded_audio_1.mp2 and copy to your movie folder DVD2SVCD was working in. In DVD2SVCD Misc tab select Recover, and select Muxing & Cutting option. Then Go.


When you say to copy the mp2 file back into the folder, do you mean to overwrite the old file and leave the orignals of the old files or delete everything and move the mp2 file in that folder.


Overwrite the original mp2 file which was not complete.


I haven’t tried this method yet because the last five conversions I’ve attempted on different divx’s have had the same result. However, the length of audio encoded varies with some of the files encoding only 10 to 15 minutes worth. Sounds like there is a problem with something. Do you think I reinstall of DVD2SVCD is in order?


Unfortunately, many of the divx’s for download already have problems. Seams to be a “feature” of DivX. DVD2SVCD does struggle to extract the audio fully if there are any audio glitches in the file, as I said, use VirtualDUB or NanDUB to extract the audio as they are a bit more forgiving.