Sound scratchie and skipping on DVD playback


I was having problems with dvd lagging while playback as I posted on an earlier thread. However I have since realised that the actual dvd graphics(the movie) does not lag but is quiet good. However it is only the sound that is lagging and scratchie and that gives an impression that the video is lagging. I have tried to install updated driver for the sound card but it has made no difference. Can anyone Please help.

the spec of the computer is
pIII 800 133Mhz
40gb HD
768Mb RAM
128Mb Geforce FX5200 video card
128Mb Creative Vibra sound card.

can anyone help please

Use VLC tool for playing dvd video on your computer.

Try other DVD media players

What screen resolution is your monitor set at? If it is above 1024X768 your system
might not be able to handle it, which I have seen affect the sound first. try it on
800X600 just to see if this corrects the problem. I take it that they play OK on a stand alone player?

I changed my screen resolution to 800x600 but there is no difference still the same problem. I have used various media on the pc but I have the same problem. They work fine on a standard DVD player. What do you mean by use the VLC tool???

The video codecs I have on this system are:

3ivx D4 4.5.1
Indeo Video Interactive R4.5
Indeo Video R3.2
Indeo Video RAW YVU9
Ligos Indeo XP Video 5.2

Do you mean I should download a VLC media player.
Do you have any sugestions where I can download a good quality one from or will any do.

Should I download and install this version.

Yes. Videohelp is also a good place to get help too.

If the original DVD has the same sound/video problems, goto CONTROL-PANEl and turn HARDWARE ACCELERATION on the SOUND/VIDEO device down to see if it makes any difference.

Thanks you for your help downloading a VLC tool from videohelp seems to have solved my problem. It is the only programm that dvd’s can be played on my computer without scratchy sound. Wierd but atleast it works now.

thanks again for everyones helo.

Sounds good.