Sound recorder or external microphone?

My current digital video camera is quite old and crappy quality, especially the sound. I have been doing primate research in madagascar last year where I also did lots of filming. I have produced a short lemur film but the sound is really bad.

I am thinking of buying either a sound recorder or a external microphone for my video camera. If I am, for example in a rainforest, will it be possible to record good quality sound of animals that are quite some distance away with a sound recorder.

What should be the best option to record nature sounds over long distance in the field? audio recorder or video camera with external microphone?

Thanks for your help

well with an external recorder, you will need the know how for later on. you have to join the audio and video together later.

I would try to find a recording studio, or music store, and get a good microphone for the camcorder to completely delete the work afterwards of editing the audio/video.

A good mic though…not sure. you always see movies where someones spying has a parabolic dish that can hear people whispering accross the street. I know there was a fun spy shop in my city, they would have something like that.

sorry, thats the best answer at 8 am saturday :slight_smile: