Sound quality issue

A friend of mine has Quake 2 and i want to extract the audio tracks with EAC. I’d prefer to do it myself because i’m not sure if he’ll do it right. If he creates an ISO or a CloneCD image file of his CD and shares it to me over LAN will this lead to decrease of quality and if yes, how much. Or is it best to let him extract. Which image type is better ISO or CCD? And if i set the extraction to the maximum in CloneCD’s settings will there be a significant difference?
Thanks in advance for the answers.

CloneCD does not particularly shine with audio CDs. If the CD is scratched, you’ll have a lot of errors in that CCD image.

AFAIK, ISO images are irrelevant with CD-DA because an ISO image can have one track only. The best image you can do is either with EAC in Secure Mode with the proper read offset set; or with a recent Plextor drive and PlexTools Pro.

IOW, do the extraction yourself. Making any kind of image implies extraction already.

That’s the problem. Can’t get the cd to make it myself?

To be more exact, you can not make an ISO image of an audio CD, since an audio CD is not in ISO9660 format. :wink:

Regards, ET

Well the cd is mixed audio tracks and pc data - a game which music is in .cda format.
Is it treated as a complete audio cd?

Are you able to open/play any of the audio files outside of the game? It is possible that the audio files are not the same as .cda files (tracks) as when reading an Audio CD. The files on the game disc may be proprietary, and it is a coincedence that they have a .cda extension.

Anyone feel free to correct me if this is not the case.

Good Luck

Rip it with EAC and create a cur sheet/image and burn it back. As for the data session legally it shouldn’t be on a Redbook CD anyway so I’d drop it for higher compatibilty.