Sound Quality in DVDFab Platinum?

Somehow I cannot get more than 64 kbps when using DVDFab to transfer movies to PSP. This is simply as high as you can get in the options menu. The sound quality is awful! Do they think people listen to stuff on PSP using built-in speakers? Very disappointing…

Don’t have a PSP to try it but I’ve looked at the choices in that mode and always assumed the options were limited by what the PSP would accept rather than what Fab could produce. You are correct that there are tons more choices in the other DVD–>Mobile modes.

EDIT: I noticed that the “Volume” setting is defaulting to 150% in PSP mode. Don’t know of this is an intended feature/mode specific but have you tried reducing this setting to 100%?

I have the same problem. I also tried adjusting the volume during conversion. But no matter what the sound quality sucks. In my opinion this actually makes DVDFab useless for PSP-conversion. No one wants to listen to such a poor sound quality. I really hope you fix this and allow encoding in 128 and 192 kbps.


They have a thread for requests for DVDFab. Try posting your greivances their. He’ll probably see them quicker there too. On my screen it’s the fourth thread down. Good Luck ~ Mike