Sound proplem

I was sent a video file form firends in Florida about there weekend there, its was 423mb split into 3 Rar files. So I downloaded them and everything was fine, I wached a bit of them on my computer and everything was fine, so I converted them to DVD to wach as a DVD on my home DVD player, so I did that and burnt it onto a DVD-R and when I was waching it the audio did not go with the people its was so annoying how do you stop this form happening?


Any help?

There is quite a lot of information on these forum re. audio and video being out of
sync. VirtualDub is a typical tool used to help synchronise. Just try doing some searches.

Also, you have not really supplied enough information e.g. how you created the DVDs - what hardware, software etc. what format is the video file in e.g.AVI, Mpeg1/2 etc.

(Actually, do I really have to tell a Senior member this?).

Well most of the video files are avi, I normally use AIV converter to convert them to DVD’s and nero to burn them onto a DVD-R, before converting them they are fine no audio out of place, its happens after converting them not buing them.