Sound problems



I recently purchased MacX Dvd Ripper Pro, and quite new to this software. I bought it mainly to transfer some of my music dvd’s to my iPad.
The video quality is terrific, BUT the sound distorts and is quite compressed. What I’ve noticed is the ability to change - in the tracks - the sound to LPCM, yet when I click settings, the codec seems to be set at AAC, which might be the problem, not sure. Would just like sound comparable to the dvd without the distortion (which is not present on the dvd) and a lot more open sound.
Hope you can assist.
Many thanks.


Hi hukins,

I just saw the post and sorry for my late response. Regarding the question you faced, you could choose another soundtrack to have a try (provided that there are more than one soundtracks available). If this does not work, you could click the “settings” option provided in the main interface of our program:

and then adjust the audio bitrate in the pop-up window

Hope this would help you out. If you have any other question, please tell me and I’ll provide assistance ASAP.

Thanks for your support.


I bought macx video. Found that I had to install another sound driver. Did so, and the program worked fine. However it broke other functionalities. E.g., no longer could I stream music to my Bose with BlueTooth. Nor can I play an mp3 through iTunes on this MacBook Air.

I uninstalled the program, but the sound driver problem persists. My earlier inquiries to the publisher went unanswered.

Now I have no sound, nor the MacX Video program. Any hope for me?


OK. I don’t really know how, but the problem has gone away. I uninstalled and then reinstalled the product. It now appears that my Sound Preferences explicitly identify the requisite driver.

Well, it’s still not all confirmed. The important part so far is that I can now select my System Sound in Preferences and hear things on my computer.