Sound problems when i play mp3 on pc

does anyone have any advise on how to improve the sound quality on my pc when mp3 are played.

the sound seems to jump every 20 secs or so,

this problem doesnt happen when i play media files though.

is this due to me having too much on hard drive or is there anything else i can do to improve the sound.

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Maybe you could try to reinstall the codecs since if some of them are conflicting even just a little bit than this might happen. Thoug I cannot tell which might be conflicting for you. If you installed more codec packs that might be a problem (Like having Nimo codec pack and Xp codec pack).Maybe better if you only have one codec pack on. When I had a similar problem that looked like I never get rid. Then after a couple of codec pack change it disappeared. The same might happen with you too!