Sound problems on playback

I have a philips DVDR3305 and use Sony +RW discs. When we record off Sky digital when we play back every now and then the sound goes off for a second then comes back on…and off and on and off and on. The sound just keeps blipping. It’s b annoying. We thought it was the TV but it also does it on the TV upstairs on another DVD player. It also does it on terrestrial recordings but not as bad. I find it hard to believe the recorder is at fault as we had another cheapie recorder that did the same thing.

Help…As far as I can see it’s either the DVDR or the Sky box. Any thoughts? :rolleyes:

I’m not really sure. I had a similar problem while I was trying to burn myself a copy of a Rolling Stones’ Exile On Mainstreet album onto a CD because I lost my other CD. I can’t remember what kind of Philips drive I had at the time, but I know I was using a Fujifilm CD to make this work. I burned the CD, and thought everything was okay. Then I played it onto another CD player. Every time a new song started up, it made a popping noise. It was really weird. I’ve come to the conclusion that Philips CD and DVD burners aren’t that great to use because the quality of anything goes down from it’s original. What’s your thoughts on this?

Rolling Stones - Exile On Mainstreet album