Sound problems for DivX mouvies

Hy everyone
When playing some DivX (avi) files, the image runs correctly but the sound is in much higher tones than normal (a bass voice sound like a soprano) but the image and the sound are synchronized. What can I do? I use a PII at 400 MHz with 128 MB RAM, an S3 video card and a Yamaha sound card, all under Windows 2K.
Thanks in advance.

There is a audio codec pack that you need called nimo. Last I knew the latest version is 433. Should be able to find a link for it on the mb or a general search for it. Very common problem.

Good luck. If you need any other help with it just post here again, I’ll check back.

Thanks very much LavaIce,
I downloaded Nimo codec pack, installed it, and on my PC at the office works fine. Hardly wait to try at home.
Once again, thanks.

Not a problem. Glad I could be of help. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work man, what’s to do?
Tried once by uninstalling all previous codecs and installing only Nimo stuff and twice by installing DivX 4 codecs with AntiFreeze and after that Nimo. Either doesn’t work. Tried also with a few other codecs, like AngelPotion. My son is pissed off because he cannot see his cartoon movies so I’m in big shit. Any other ideas? Maybe I can change the audio frequency with VirtualDub? Anyone did that before?
Thanks in advance.

Did you install all the codec in the nimo pack, they are not all selected by defualt ?

Got the latest divx 4.12 codec ?

Just read on the fourm ( where you can get more help ) try playing the files in a DVD player (ex. WinDVD) that might work. Best info can be found on the fourms.

Hope that helps

Yes, installed Nimo full. Also DivX 4.12. I will go to the DivX site to read what’s new. Thanks anyway>

Forgot, i use PowerDivX NextGen as player. Also tryied with MDVD.

Have you tried Playa ? or even Windows Media player ?

I’m checking the fourm myself, I’d like to see if anybody else has had the same problem. Useful information in case I find myself in the same position as you :slight_smile:

Yes, tried Playa that comes with DivX bundle 4 and MediaPlayer 7.1. I read on a few forums and did not find anything usefull. If you find something please notice me. Thanks.

Have ever thought it could be that your CPU is too slow ?
I once had this problem when I had a P2 400… I tried everything and it turned out to be the CPU.