Sound problem with LVW 5006

I have a LiteOn LVW 5006. I have a number of DVD-Rs that play perfectly OK on my PC, but when I play them on the LiteOn the sound drops out, briefly, every two or three seconds. Picture quality is fine, and the disc plays OK - except for the problem with the sound.

Can anyone suggest a probable cause/solution?


I use the rca A/V in & out jacks exclusively and have never had sound problems.

And me.

IS it only a particular brand of disc?

How long have you had the 5006? Dust may have built up on the lens, if so a lens Cleaner may help.

Compatibility between players is a long standing issue, long before the Liteon recorders appeared hence why firmwares are always being upgraded, for instance my old pioneer player was extremely picky about media until I upgraded the fw on the 2 burners in the pc (nec 1300 & 3500) once I did that the pioneer has so far accepted without fault all discs burnt on the pc since.

What firmware are you running in the 5006?

Does the Liteon play any discs without the sound problem?

Thanks for the responses. The 5006 is pretty new, with the latest firmware installed. The problem is the same, whether I use the SCART connection or the RCA audio plugs.

Most DVDs play perfectly on the LiteOn. I have a handful of DVD-R discs burned for me by a friend. They play perfectly on his recorder, play fine on my PC, but give the sound problem on the LiteOn. I’ve tried making copies on the PC, where they play OK, to a different brand of DVD, but still get the sound problem.

Which leaves me a bit puzzled…

do you get that sound problem on recently burned DVDs? Have you tried burning CDs and test the sound?