Sound problem with Flyboys

I am trying to make a back up copy of my new movie Flyboys, but am having a sound problem with CloneDVD, version

It copyied onto the hardrive and plays fine from there. But when I burned it onto a disc, the sound only for the movie portion is missing. I have sound during the previews, etc. but once you go to a actual movie scene, no sound.
I tried 3 burning it on 3 different discs, same results.

Ideas? :bow:

I used this program for a few other discs I have and they work fine.

One thing I did notice though. When I open the dvd file, its seemed to have split into 2 files there. One is an audio ts, the other a video ts. The others movies I still have on my hardrive are not split like that, and I copied them fine.
I never changed any settings, etc. so I have no idea why this happened.

I run a Intel Pentium D, dual core, 2.66ghz, wth .99 GB of ram. and XP.

I went and got the trial download for CloveDVD2โ€ฆwhat a differance!

It solved all the problems I was having, and works fantastic along with the Anydvd program.