Sound problem with CD done in Nero Express 6

Hi, I’m new here…not sure where to post this. I burned a CD of WAV files for my dad using Nero Express 6 (this software came with my PC). I noticed on some of the tracks on the burned disc, the audio sounded stripped down (one of the audio channels was extremely faint–as in almost GONE! The best example I can cite is on the Doors’ song “Light My Fire”: The bass and drums are strong but the organ is stripped from the track. Much the same happened with Van Morrison’s “Brown Eyed Girl”: The bass and drums are fine, but the guitars are gone and the double-layered vocals on the “sha-la-la” parts are only one layer!

I don’t know why this happened, but I’m wondering about 3 things that could’ve caused it:

  1. I converted all the files from MP3 to WAV with foobar 2000 (in the process of which I selected the “skip silence” DSP (Doesn’t this cut off the gaps at the end of the files?)

  2. Just prior to burning, I checked the “no space between tracks” box. I wouldn’t think this would affect the audio, but I just want to be absolutely sure.

  3. I have no clue about what “burn speeds” are or how they affect the audio of the finished disc, so I just left it on the setting it was at, 32x. Could this be to blame, and if so which speed should I adjust to?

If it isn’t any of these things, then I need to get a new CD-RW drive…ugh! All the files played fine in Windows Media Player AND in Nero’s Audio Preview, so I’m stumped…

  1. No conversion is needed, the burning app can perform the conversion on the fly. Try again without converting and see what happens.

  2. has no effect

  3. should have no effect, unless you are using really bargain basement media

Thanks, Dogg. I will try burning again without converting to WAV.