Sound problem in Lenovo 2048Q Please help!



I dont know what happened but seakers as well as the head phones are not working in my laptop. One of the speakers is completely mute while other one tries to get some voice out … lol …
n the amazin thing is … the same happenes with the headsets…
one speaker mute and the other has kinda scratchy sound…!!
Please help…
i already tried updating and re installing the drivers !!


Check the master volume control in the control panel, make sure none are lowered or muted.


Brother i don’t think so…
I did chek everything… but its really an interesting problem…
Actually it got muted partially … maybe some kind of chipset problem or anything related to that !!
One of the speakers emits some weird sound and the other is mute … n the same happens with the head set(which is actuallu real weird )
kindly help …someone !!


Just curious. How long had you used this laptop without problems? Did you change anything, software/hardware, recently? What program are you using when this problem occurs, or is it every sound? Have you checked any Lenovo forums to see if anyone else has a similar problem? What operating system do you use?


Either check that all the plugs are fully inserted or unplug them and re-insert.