Sound problem in Laptop Compaq Presario

Hi, please help me because the sound in my Compaq Presario3614 AU disappears suddenly from time to time :(.
I managed to bring it back few times by restarting the laptop but it doesn’t always work. I’ve also reinstalled the drivers, so it worked again, but no more now after I’ve turned it off.
When I tried to open volume control, it said that there is no device installed, but in device manager all seems ok, include drivers. I don’t understand why all these troubles:sad:.
I used XP SP3,
AMD Turion x2
1Gb Ram

Did you report the issue to Compaq service?

Maybe the audio driver has a flaw/bug.

thanks for reply. Actually I bought this laptop almost 2 years ago and the sound problem appears since one month. I didn’t installed something special that can cause the problem, I guess.
Do you think about something that can be the cause?

In this case you could wipe and then reinstall the audio-drivers at least.
Create a savepoint and then remove the audiodrivers in the devicemanager.
Restart and check if they were installed automatically. If not, do it yourself then.

Could be also that some installed codecs or 3rd party audiosoftware has made some changes which leads to the mentioned issues.