Sound out of sync

Hi all:) …I bet this Question has being asked before but i cant find anything about it that makes sense…
I tried to make my first Dvd last night of a divx film that i accquired
from somewhere im using a dvd +r writer…
Basically im using Nero6 well the added on version nero vision express…all went well when i loaded it into my Dvd Player until about half way through and the sound went out of sync
Now i kinda know what to do but not in the right order do i put the film through DrDivx first then through Virtual dub then burn it
Its getting costly experimenting with black dvd’s to get it right .
Any advice would be great baring in mind im new to it.

forget that copy of divx and get another ( the copy is shot)

Before ditching your movie you could try looking here and here.

Ty for that womble (btw i live in Cornwall)

I had this problem when making Video Cd’s and im going to take the long route of converting through Dr Divx then a route through Virtualdub thanks anyways