Sound out of Sync



USing but same happended with previous version.

Doesn’t happen everytime. Redording avi’s to DVD find DVD sound slowly goes out of sync until pretty bad by end. Avi fine on PC. Using Nero Vision Express.

System is AMD3200, 1gb RAM, 256mb Geforce 5700

Grateful for any help – seen folk have similar but saw no solution.

About to ditch Nero over this which has otherwise been good.



Hello !

Have same problem when making dvd out of tv-series in avi-format. After about 15-20 minutes into the movie i get sync problems even if SmartEncoding is turned off.

You could try to turn off SmartEncoding in the Video Options menu as it have helped others.



Thanks - I did read the board and did turn smart encoding off.

No change ! :confused:

That said I did just download ther latest xvid codecs & :smiley:

[mine we’re only about 8 weeks old ! dam technology :Z ]


I assume you got the sync prob fixed :slight_smile:
Did you get the codec from installing the latest NVE ?



I have the “out of synch” problem as well…
(I’ve never used AVI only dvds recorded on the LiteOn 5005) I’m sure the problem is created during the burning process. After using NVE and then burning the project to disc I get the synch problem, If I burn to file and then use Nero Burning-ROM to burn it, I get the synch problem, BUT when I burn the same saved project with DVDDecrypter, there is no synch problem. Hmmm…
So I’m concluding, that at least with computer, that somewhere in the burning process, Nero has a problem, but the projects, files ,whatever Nero produces are fine which is why another application can burn them to disc and there not be a synch problem.


I’m having the same problems when I copy a dvd burned on the 5005 to my PC. I then edit with Sonic MyDVD and my problems happen I think when the encoding is done?? When I play the finished DVD on a player you can notice the sync problems!!


I downgraded NVE from to and the problem went away.
Smart encoding is enabled without problem. It is possible the sync prob will appear at a later time in a longer movie than I burn, but it is ok for avi tv-series up to 40min.