Sound out of sync please help

Ok, I’m fairly confident on a Computer but I’m new to copying DVD’s and no matter what I try I can’t seem to get the audio in sync.

What I am trying to do is put english subtitles on the second series of Lost.
Although dowloaded from the net the quality is good and each episode plays perfectly on my home DVD player.

So this is how I am going about it:

  1. I use DVD decrypter to rip the DVD to my hard disk.
  2. Then I use subtitle workshop to change the frame rate of the subtitles to 60fps and make sure they are in sync with the speech on the DVD.
  3. I then use VobEdit to demux the files.
  4. Next I use Text2Sup to convert the *.srt(subrip) format to *.sup
  5. Then I use IfoEdit to re-author the DVD using my generated sup and the demuxed audio and video. (This is where I get errors, i’ll list these last)
  6. I use NERO to burn it to a blank DVD.

So after all that the first few minutes play well then the sound becomes more advanced than the video but still the sub titles come in at the same time as the sound.

I can’t remember the exact error maessages I get but it’s something along the lines of 18 buffer underruns detected resulting DVD will probably not play smoothly.

What am I doing wrong? I’ve spent about 20 hours on this so far and it’s driving me insane.

Are you down loading these as AVI files? It’s only this type that I see available on the internet.

If you’ve converted the AVI files to DVD format in NTSC then they are at 30fps, or 25fps for PAL, so I don’t understand the 60fps you mention. This might be the problem.

The only reference to 60 is in 525/60 which is the display frequency/lines of the TV display, not the fps.

They way I would do it , assuming AVI format to start, would be either:-
A. Convert to mpeg elemental streams (audio & video separate). Use DVDlab Pro to author the DVD & add the subtitles at this stage. These can be optional or forced (they always display).
B. If you always want the subtitles on screen then these can be added to the AVI with VirtualDub. Then just convert as normal.