Sound out of sync, no matter what!

hey, I have always trolled through this forums and have learned much over the past few years.

I use AnyDVD (latest update), DVD Decrypter, and Nero 6
I have always used these with NO problems.
Recently I had to change my hardrive, reinstall and now everything still works good, make great backups that play fine in a stand alone player but the sound is about a half second off on PC I use media player, nero showtime, power dvd, all of em, same.

Movies that were backed up prior to harddrive swap still play fine using PC.

I have looked everywhere, have updated all i can think of, and nothing works, any ideas? thanks!

If you have AC3Filter installed, you can try adjusting your settings.

Thanks, I went into advanced seetings on nero’s audio filter and enabled dolby pro logic. all systems go.

I was wrong. It worked Once. Now it dosent. Damnit.